Valerie launched her DJ career in 1996 as the host and producer of a drive time program on Boston’s WERS. Honing her skills live on the radio allowed her to perfect a unique, on-the-fly style and enrich her knowledge in electronic, house, reggae, hip-hop, funk, jazz, experimental  and world music. Utilizing the power of music to unite, she has rocked the hillsides of Jamaica, spots like The Roxy in Boston, and Cielo, Panther Room, Nell’s, Lavo, CBGB, Bembe and more in New York.

As a Master of Ceremonies, Valerie has introduced hundreds of performers, and is known for her easygoing nature, sense of humor and infectious spirit. Whatever the celebration, Valerie thrives on breaking down barriers musically and otherwise. In the mix, her passion is clear – to move the crowd with an inspired journey of moods and beats.

Valerie is based in Brooklyn and considers Boston a home away from home.

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“I knew once I found Stylus DJ Entertainment, there was no need to look any further for a DJ service. We were so pleased with their services from the very beginning. With only one month until our wedding, we were more than lucky they were available for our day. Jane was extremely friendly, professional, and diligent from the first correspondence. She was quick and responsive to our taste in music, and referred us to Valerie June, ensuring she would be able to execute our vision perfectly. Nonetheless, Valerie was all that and more than what I had hoped. We wanted to veer away from the typical wedding reception, and sought something more nontraditional and unconventional. She thoroughly accommodated our specific musical taste and requests, while perfectly arranging the musical direction and mood of the day. By the end of the night, I couldn’t keep myself off of the dancefloor, and that was exactly what I wanted on my wedding day! I was so happy.” -Dorianne & James


“We knew Valerie from her work with the festival she produced in the Boston area, and we used to listen to her on the radio so we were excited to have her as our wedding DJ! She took the time to understand our tastes and the schedule of the day. We were traveling so she was able to meet with us via Skype and she was very thorough and professional. We had so much on our plate and we were so glad to have her take care of this for us! My husband and I are both musicians and we were able to just relax and enjoy our day! We wanted to both perform and she even jammed a little with us and the transitions from live to her DJ sets were seamless. Valerie is extremely creative and highly skilled at both selecting, and playing the music. She kept the announcements to a minimum as we requested, and was well spoken on the microphone. She knew all the greats from jazz to more contemporary music to get all ages on the dance floor! We could not believe the funk songs she played for us. We were shocked at her rare selections we had not even heard, and how she tied it into current music that sampled from those records! Valerie was so much fun and she knew exactly how to craft the perfect soundtrack to our special day. We highly recommend her!” – Kristin, Married May 2013

“We are thrilled with Valerie. You can tell she really cares and puts her heart into what she does – we are very romantic and she immediately understood the mood we wanted. Our wedding day was unfortunately rainy and we had to have the wedding and reception in the same area but Valerie kept it moving with upbeat energy. Her music was the perfect compliment to our schedule and she knew exactly how to handle the transitions of the day. She combined our requests together with her impeccable taste. We did not have to say much in fact, since we knew that a few song names and genres were enough to inspire Valerie. We are a multicultural family and Valerie’s vast musical knowledge of not just popular music but she also played an amazing salsa set – it was the perfect blend of music for everyone at our wedding! Valerie was a joy to have with us all day and we hope our friends and family will also hire Valerie too!” – Mel, Married June 2015

“Valerie saved the day. Our DJ got sick at the last minute, and she came on the same day and pulled it off amazingly! We don’t know what we would have done without her! We had very specific requests with the other DJ and on the spot she was able to get the vibe we wanted. The wedding party planned a surprise performance for us and they were able to work it out on the spot! Valerie showed up on time and was great at communicating with the venue to make sure we got what we wanted. We are glad we had somebody experienced like Valerie or otherwise the day may have not gone well. She did the music in two locations at once, for both the ceremony and cocktail hour as well as the reception and dinner! She was a pro, she had a sense of humor and she looked beautiful. Valerie got everyone, everyone! dancing. What a lucky accident, to have had Valerie be our DJ. We can’t say enough about what an awesome job she did.” – Judy, Married August 2016