Sarah Van Buren is a Hudson Valley-based DJ with an event planning background and vast appreciation for music who will weave a golden thread through your night!


Sarah Van Buren is a DJ, event producer and musician residing in the Hudson Valley. She began DJing 15 years ago in Boston at WECB, Emerson College’s freeform campus radio station. Later, living in NYC, she co-founded art + party collective CHERYL, and DJed large-scale events around the city and abroad. Now in Hudson, NY, Sarah has been the house DJ at Basilica Hudson, hosts PYRAMID POWER!, a freeform monthly music show on 90.7 WGXC, as well as POWER DANCE, a monthly dance party at the Half Moon.

Sarah began DJing weddings and other private events after relocating to Hudson, but often travels down to NYC for gigs. Her music collection is all over the map — too many genres to list! The golden thread that weaves it all together? Her ability to find that perfect track for just the right moment which sets the dance floor aflame. And with 15 years of event production experience, she’s a wedding DJ with who cares about the details and thinks quickly on her feet. Sarah is also an ordained minister and wedding officiant — feel free to ask about it!


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What kind of equipment do you use?
Laptop with Traktor DJ program, Traktor Kontrol S2 controller, Denon X-120 DJ mixer, vocal mic, 15″ Mackie Thump speakers.

What does your setup look like?
Everything neatly arranged on a table!

What is your MCing style?
Just enough to direct guests’ attention to whatever is going on at the moment. Not much talking over music, keeping it positive, polite + succinct!

What is your personal mixing style?
Minimal beat matching when needed. More focus on creating the perfect mix based on what the couple getting married envisions for their special day.

How do you handle lulls?
Sometimes a lull is natural; other times, I change up the music. It’s all about reading the crowd to determine what is the best course of action, on a case by case basis.


“Sarah DJ-ed our wedding near Hudson NY in June 2017. We really enjoyed collaborating on a playlist – she was great supplying ideas after we discussed our favorite songs and the atmosphere we wanted to create. Sarah also took a role in helping proceedings proceed – MCing as needed. She was flexible and amenable when approached by merry revelers with requests whilst still keeping our overall mood in mind! A real bonus is that Sarah is a lovely person to have at your wedding/event.” –Kate Wallace, Bride

“SVB is a natural at freakiness with heart. Magical mystery tour of sound and media with a foot out on the dance floor – always! To not party with her, is to miss a great trip of a party!” –Melissa Auf der Maur, Musician and Director/Co-Founder, Basilica Hudson


“When we decided to get married, we knew our wedding (if we had one at all) would have to be really US: no wedding parties, no ‘Here Comes the Bride,’ no white dress—and, especially, no cookie-cutter officiant. I still tear up when I recall the care, commitment, and creativity Sarah brought to our wedding day. From the earliest stages, when we discussed our general hopes for the event, to planning the details like what she would wear and how we would pass the mic, Sarah was attentive to every aspect. She was thoughtful when giving us suggestions, and open to all our ideas. Her experience as a performing artist and event producer, coupled with her innate sensitivity and warm personality, make her a natural. The grace and gravitas Sarah communicated during our ceremony earned her (and us!) many compliments from our guests, and we felt truly blessed when she pronounced us hitched.” -April Greene, Bride, Brooklyn, NY

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