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Based in New York since 2004, Katie has been actively participating in the music community for most of her time living here. As a DJ, she started with a weekly night in Brooklyn, spinning disco and new wave records she found mostly in dollar bins. Since then, she was a regular performer and DJ at the Wierd Records night on the Lower East Side. She continues her work in various projects playing live around the city and abroad. Over the years, she has brought her vast knowledge to help various wedding clients create their most memorable and fun ceremony and reception. Since music is her passion, it’s easy for her to help direct, curate and keep the energy up throughout an entire event. Nothing brings her more joy than creating a successful event, be it a party, show or wedding. When she’s not working on her own music or DJing, she enjoys singing karaoke.


12/18/2018: Exactly what we wanted
My husband (!) and I were looking for a DJ that wasn’t going to shoot confetti canons at our wedding guests or unbutton his/her shirt to reveal excess chest hair. We were so excited to find Stylus DJ Entertainment – a DJ company owned by and nearly entirely run by women! Sweet! DJ Katie Rose […]

11/27/2018: Definitely Recommend!!
Absolutely wonderful! We had Katie Rose as our Dj. She was great! We loved all the music selections and the ordering of things. She gave great advice on when to time things ( first dance, cake cutting, fast music/ slow music). Everyone had a great time, and our guests who were from all over the […]

10/22/2018: Katie Rose rocked the party!
Working with Jane at Stylus and Katie Rose as our dj was one of the best experiences for planning our wedding. Totally professional and up front about pricing from start to finish, there was nothing left unplanned. Our families had a great time and Katie got the whole party moving with a playlist that we […]

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“Katie was great to work with and I got several unsolicited compliments about how good she was.  The vibe she created for the event was perfect. Can’t wait to use you guys again. You’re now on the top of my list!” -Corporate Client, Summer 2018

-What kind of equipment do you use?/What does your setup look like?
HP 17” touch screen laptop running Virtual DJ, 2x 12” JBL powered speakers, Mackie VLZ mixer, Shure BLX wireless mic, mic stand. I bring a Scrim King DJ table screen to cover my equipment and have a 5” fold table available to use. Planning to add the Roland DJ-202 controller in 2019. [All of the above is similar to Jane’s setup]

-What is your MCing style?
I keep my MCing light, fun and minimal. I always make sure to coordinate with the couple and planners to make sure I have cues, announcements, preferences in the planning process and cater my MC style to fit clients needs.

-What is your personal mixing style?
Cocktail Hour tends to be upbeat but not full-blast, mingling music, usually not beat matched. Dinner Music will be more mellow, depending on the clients taste, and will serve as lighter background music during dinner service and in between any activities or speeches. My personal dancing style usually will start off with a crowd-pleasing song to get everyone on the dance floor, and I like to start with songs every generation knows and continue to build from there. Generally I like to build the BPM to keep the dance floor steady, but will occasionally have to switch up the energy in order to keep guests happy with requests, or any Must Plays that are in my Music Organizer (in collaboration with the couple).

-How do you handle lulls?
Lulls are rare, but I will usually refer to a tried and true crowd pleaser!

Maggie & Joey’s Whimsical Fairytale Wedding by Katy Weaver Photography

Emily & Peter’s Swedish Historical Museum Wedding by Grace D. Photography



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