An NYC transplant via Chicago, Alicia’s bringing the east coast party! Alicia got her start on the decks as host of her own themed college radio show. After moving off the dial to play friends’ house parties and events, she was soon sending her DJ career down the aisle with Chicago’s premiere wedding DJ company, Toast & Jam.

A seasoned wedding DJ, Alicia knows just which track to drop and when to drop it – from Motown to new wave, big band to Beyoncé, deep cut indie to top 40 hits. She loves tailoring the evening to your own musical tastes and wants to give you just the party you imagine for your wedding.

And when she’s not mixing on the dance floor, Alicia is writing and performing her own music! A composer/performer, she makes avant art-pop and has performed all over the country. A natural performer, Alicia is a charming MC who’s only on the mic as much as she should be.

Between Alicia’s expertise and your vision, the soundtrack to your wedding will tear up the dance floor and leave everybody with happy hearts. Let’s boogie!


“We had a different kind of musical vision for our wedding, and Alicia did a great job of making it a reality. She worked hard to find some of the more obscure songs we were looking for, especially ones from Brazil, my husband’s country. My husband hadn’t had a lot of practice dancing at parties and was a bit nervous, and Alicia put him at ease and worked with us to create a special list of his favorite songs that she could play if he ever seemed a little less engaged in the dancing. He ended up spending the entire night on the dance floor; this was pretty much the first time he had danced in public in his life. We have Alicia to thank for making him so comfortable. And of course, the guests loved the music too. They thought it was really different from typical wedding music, and the dance floor got so crowded that my husband and I had to push our table out of the way. It was a fantastic night.

I will also say that Alicia is a friendly and laid-back person and is a great presence to have at your wedding and in those stressful months before the party. She communicates very well and clearly put a lot of work into making it a very special night for us. Thank you, Alicia!” — Diana Solomon

“You were so absolutely amazing! I truly can’t begin to thank you for such an amazing night. You without a doubt had the dance floor just crazy…until the cops came…but still after that we got some good time in!

So many people have come up to me to tell me how wonderful you were!!! I received so many amazing comments not only to your music selection but to you as a person – that you were so nice and looked like you were enjoying everything as well! Everyone just loved you!” — Dina Mansour



-What kind of equipment do you use?
-What does your setup look like?
-What is your MCing style?
-What is your personal mixing style?
-How do you handle lulls?

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